About us

Welcome to Carpe Diem!

Do you want to hide somewhere and recharge? Are you tired of the increasingly busy everyday life, city noise, traffic jams, dirty air and crowds of busy people?

Relax and breathe freely because the world has just slowed down for you to experience the life sweetness. Like a portal to timelessness, Carpe Diem will transfer you to a world of harmony and peace of mind. Place where you will connect with yourself and with nature. 

We have made everything with lots of attention, care and love, thinking about our guests comfort above all. Carpe Diem offers an atmosphere of privacy, peace and relaxation - everything you need for the perfect holiday.

Carpe Diem is located in the picturesque village of Sladka Voda, where you can enjoy breathtaking nature, amazing sunrises that immerse you in velvety light and incredible sunsets followed by vast starry sky.

Here with us, you will enjoy the feeling of pureness comfort, intertwining the traditional and the modern.

The elegant design and the rooms setting is in a balance with the precisely selected furniture and interior elements – bringing comfort and quietness. Natural materials and fabrics will take off your pressure and will take you to the world of total bliss.

You can enjoy delicious food and high quality wines special selection in our restaurant. The menu is seasonal, made with lots of love, using carefully selected products, both from our garden and from local farmers and producers. The atmosphere will make you calm and happy by relaxing and enjoying the beautiful views, birdsong and fresh air.

Immerse yourself in the purity of nature, dive into the crystal blue spring water of our pool,  calm your senses and energize yourself.

Тhe place is great for those who love fresh air, walk in the nature, cycling and dinner under the stars, and why not for outdoor office - in today's dynamic world, it is increasingly preferred because it fills us with work inspiration and fresh forces. Nearby you will find interesting places and landmarks that you can visit with your loved ones and you can capture the moment of complete peace and wild beauty.

Now is your time to enjoy a well-deserved rest by visiting Carpe Diem. We are expecting you!