What do we offer


Privacy and nature inspiration

You will find breathtaking nature with views of the endless sunflowers meadows in our hotel. You will feel the refreshing breath of the forest and you will listen to the sweet melodies of the birds.

Indulge in well-deserved rest and relaxation in this corner of paradise. Here you will find free time for yourself, doing your favorite activities: reading a book, yoga, drawing, cycling, nature walks. You can charge yourself with work inspiration and productivity or just enjoy the moment, as if time has stopped.

Swimming pool and sunny terrace

Indulge in pleasure and discover priceless moments of solitude in nature. Peace, recharging, relaxation moments and achieving mental balance achieving.

Carpe Diem has a large crystal spring water outdoor pool, which will cool you off and charge you with the much-desired positive energy.

Уou can use our spacious sun terrace in addition to the pool. Тhe terrace shows amazing views of beautiful meadows, hills and forests. Drink your morning coffee there, read your favorite book or just enjoy the peace and quiet away from the city noise.


Delicious food and local grower products

Welcome to our restaurant and enjoy delicious food and high quality wine.

Оur philosophy is that the good life requires synchronization of our rhythm with the rhythm of nature. Тhat's why our menu is composed of carefully selected seasonal products both from our garden and from local farms. Оur menu is a beautiful palette of Bulgarian, Balkan and Mediterranean dishes that will satisfy your eyes and caress your palate.

In addition to a culinary experience, you will be able to pamper yourself with a special selection of Bulgarian and imported wines from our winery.

There are 22 outdoor and 42 indoor seats in our restaurant, and the design and pleasant atmosphere will make you relax and enjoy the good music, beautiful views, elegant and comfortable environment.

Do you have an...


The elegant and stylish setting creates a wonderful atmosphere for your boutique wedding celebrations, special family occasions and personal holidays. We, in turn, will make sure to pamper your senses with delicious food, good music and comfort.

Еscape the city hustle and bustle and enjoy the beautiful nature, silence and privacy. The place is perfect for yoga camps, cooking classes, corporate events, constellations, hiking and cycling.

It's time for pleasure with a different taste and flavor. You can taste a large selection of specially selected wines enjoying a wine tasting.